1) How Does The Newborn Photography & Cake Smash Photography Booking Process With You, Work?


Our booking process is seamless and hassle free. You select the newborn photography or cake smash photography collection that include the said number of files and you pay the listed price. The collection price includes newborn and cake smash photographers, time, talent, design and editing of your images. As well, as the rendering of high resolution digital gallery. Your gallery is available for digital download. The newborn and cake smash photos are yours to share, print, treasure and adore for years to come.


Once you’re ready to make it official, I will put together your contract along with your PayPal invoice link for the non-refundable retainer fee of $35. Please note, the $35 retainer fee only applies to maternity and newborn photography sessions. Cake smash photoshoots require a $150 booking fee. Booking fee, is applied to the total amount due. Remaining balance is due within 48 hours of your scheduled session. All collections are subjected to a 8.25% Texas State Sales Tax and payments can be made via PayPal or Zelle Quick Pay.


2) Why Do You Only Deliver the Said Amount of Digitals & Not More, For The Listed Amount Of Time?


Newborn and cake smash photography is not like your traditional types of photo sessions that is why the booking process for newborn photography is a bit more complexed. There is a very delicate nature that is involved in working with newborns and babies. It takes a great deal of time, posing and patience to specialize in newborn photography and cake smash photography. Something that is very important and quite crucial in the process of creating works of art.


Yes, you might have seen other newborn photographers provide more newborn and cake smash photography photos. However, I would rather take my time producing newborn and cake smash photos of clean, crisp, sweet photos of my clients looking radiant, happy and wonderfully posed, than having 100's of images where newborn and babies don't look comfortable and relaxed.


The said number of files is always the median range of every newborn photoshoot and cake smash session. I don’t take more to purposely up-sell you. If anything, depending how well the session is going, I might take a few more and include them at no additional extra charge.


However, anything more than 2 additional free files, is priced at $85 per file.


3) Who Has The Rights To The Images?


Lily Hayes Photography, is the copyright owner of all the images, is protected under USC Title 17 (US Copyright Law). This means that as your newborn photographer or cake smash photographer, I have the right to showcase your stunning newborn photos to potential clients. By going through the newborn photography booking process, you have acquired reproduction rights, granting you the ability to print and share the provided newborn or cake smash photoshoot images.


However, please note, upon going through your newborn photography booking process and receiving your print release, it does not include ownership of the actual design itself. Rest assured, as the client, you can fully enjoy the privilege of preserving and sharing the beautiful moments captured by Dallas newborn photographer, Lily Hayes.


4) Are You Insured?


Yes, I am adequately protected with both professional and liability insurance. Having comprehensive coverage ensures that I am safeguarded against any potential risks and liabilities that may arise as your Dallas newborn and cake smash photographer. With this added layer of protection, I can confidently pursue my goals and focus on providing the best services to my clients.


5) Do I Have Permission To Print The Photos? Can I Use Them On My Social Media Platforms?


Yes, you do! When clients conclude their newborn photography booking process, clients get more than just amazing newborn photographs, the entire newborn photography booking process and newborn and cake smash photography, collection total includes a comprehensive print release and exclusive usage rights, giving you the freedom to treasure and display your newborn and cake smash photos without any restrictions.


To ensure your newborn and cake smash photos are showcased in their true beauty, I kindly request clients to refrain from printing them from low-quality printers such as Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, or Shutterfly. These printers may not accurately represent the exceptional quality of your newborn photoshoot images, and I want you to fully enjoy their breathtaking charm.


6) Will I Receive “HIGH” Resolution Newborn & Cake Smash Photography, Photos?


Many professional Dallas newborn photographers or cake smash photographers often offer digital files as a part of their collections. However, it's important to be aware that not all newborn and cake smash photographers provide high-resolution files. Some may only offer files with an 8x10 resolution. This can be limiting if a client wishes to print a larger photo, such as an 11x14, as they would then need to invest significant funds into ordering the print from their newborn and Dallas cake smash photographer.


In contrast, when going through my newborn photography booking prices and you pay the collection amount, you are provided the utmost value and convenience. With my newborn photography and cake smash photography services, you can rest assured that all high-resolution edited files will be included in your newborn and cake smash photography collection, total. These files are capable of producing stunning photo prints, even up to a size as large as 30x40 or above.


7) Do You Watermark Your Photos?


No, I do not think it's necessary to engage in endless amounts of free marketing, even though it can be highly beneficial. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous clients who have become an integral part of my clientele. Interestingly, a significant portion of my clientele has been built through word-of-mouth referrals, which speaks volumes about the quality of my newborn photography and cake smash photography work and the positive experiences of my satisfied customers. By focusing on delivering exceptional service and fostering strong relationships, I have been able to cultivate a thriving business.


8) Can I Have The Unedited Files?


Raw images, straight out of the camera, may not be immediately presentable to clients. These images, in the form of raw NEF files, require careful processing to transform them into a polished and captivating finished product. As part of my role, I meticulously process the NEF files, striving to perfect every detail and create a visually stunning final result that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


To learn more about our seamless newborn photography booking process with Dallas newborn photographer, Dallas cake smash photography , Lily Hayes Photography, please submit an inquiry here.


9) Are You Insured?


Yes, I am adequately covered and protected with both, professional and liability insurance.


10) Is There A Discount for Booking A Maternity, Newborn & Cake Smash Photography Session?


Absolutely! When booking both your maternity and mini newborn session, I’ll include the family and sibling photos free of charge, which will add an additional 4-6 more digital file to the mini newborn session collection. If you book the full newborn session you will receive a $75 discount. For lifestyle sessions, a $50 discount is applied. Discounts are not given to the maternity collection for booking both, only the newborn photography session.


If you decide to book the cake smash photography session, as well, a $50 discount will be applied to the collection total. You don't have to prepay or pre-reserve that particular session. When it's time to start looking at dates for the cake smash photoshoot, just send me a text and we can coordinate from there. I will need at least, a 2-3 month notice in advance for cake smash availability.


I don't over complicate my sessions and booking process. Each of these 3 sessions will have it's own contract and invoice link so you don't have to worry about prepaying for some of the sessions, up front. You'll pay the $35 retainer fee for said collection, and pay the remaining balance for each collection when the services have been rendered.

To learn more about our seamless booking process with Dallas newborn photographer or our cake smash photography collection, please submit an inquiry, here.

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