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If you're interested in capturing your family's precious moments in a way that is both, natural and artistic, a studio lifestyle newborn photography session may be just what you're looking for. This style of newborn photography blends the best of both worlds - the beauty of posed studio shots and the warmth and candidness of everyday life.

1) Where Are You Located?


Lifestyle sessions take place in my home studio, located at 4014 Dalton Dr. Rowlett, TX. The studio is a custom design private space away from the rest of my home which holds everything needed for your custom photography experience.


2) What Is Lifestyle Studio Photography?


Studio lifestyle photography is a laid back, casual approach to newborn and baby photography. I utilize a soft, natural and clean approach with the use of a white cozy bed with white/ivory organic linens, wraps and textiles. This type of photography is designed for parents that aren’t into prop heavy sessions and prefer a clean, natural and minimalist approach to their newborn/baby session.


3) How Is This Different To Documentary Photography?

Documentary photography is purely capturing really moments without any direction. However, Lifestyle does include a small element of this. It’s a little more styled and does include some slight posing. This might include me giving you some gentle prompts, such as where to stand/sit, where to place your hands all while keeping it relaxed and natural.


4) What Age Is Best For a Lifestyle Session?

With the Lifestyle session, fortunately for many clients there isn’t a specific time frame to get newborn/baby photos done. Clients have more flexibility in getting a Lifestyle session scheduled, than they would with a sleepy/posed, newborn session. Posed is always best when captured at the age of birth, up to two weeks, max. Only because of the heavy prop transitions involved for the posed newborn session. I have witness many, many times after the 14-16 day mark, babies have discovered the art of stretching! Once that happens…they won’t let us curl them up in the cute little newborn posed poses, without a fight.


Since no prop posing is ever involved with a Lifestyle session, you can wait much longer to get your session scheduled. There isn’t an age limit for these session. All babies at any age are welcome so please don’t lose heart. The beauty about Lifestyle newborn/baby photography is that, photos are more about the connection between you and your little one, rather than the posed studio newborn/baby photos you often see. If your little one is awake and looking up at you, these photos can be just as AMAZING too.


5) What Creative Groupings Can I Expect From A Lifestyle Session?

Groupings starts with all family members together then branch off; mom and kid(s), dad and kid(s) and lastly your children together and (or) individually. You have complete control over the creative groupings but for the most part this is my go to order in which I start the session.


6) Would Love To Do Both! Can I Book A Posed Newborn & Lifestyle Session On The Same Day?

Unfortunately, you can not. Clients have to book either, or. If you’re leaning more towards a posed newborn session, my advice would be to book the mini newborn collection. Get yourself small handful of beautifully curated newborn posed prop photos. Once your baby hits their next milestone, which is about 2/3 months, book the Lifestyle baby session. That way you’ll little bit of both; sweet sleepy posed newborn photos and then of course, baby photos where you can capture some amazing awake, sweet bonding parent/sibling photos. Important to note, Lifestyle newborn photos are completely propless and do not include the use of any props. Unfortunately, no exceptions will be made to this studio policy.


If you’re still interested in doing both, the same day, clients can book the mini newborn and add the lifestyle session as, an add on. However, please be aware, no discounts will be given for combing both. My pricing structure is already priced reasonably for the quality of work and not to mention, delivering of, said high resolution files is by far, most valuable commodity, which not many professional photographers do. You’ll notice not many photographers sell their digitals, let alone the entire gallery and when they do, you’ll notice that they are priced a lot higher than fine art prints. Reason being, digital files are amongst the highest priced items to photographers, because once I give you the files, I lose any future sale from your session. For this reason, I need to ensure a reasonable profit is made so again, no discounts of any sorts will be applied to your collection(s).


7) Will You Help & Guide Me To Make Me Feel & Look My Best?

Yes, I most certainly will! Let’s be honest, most don’t have the opportunity to get professionally photographed on a regular basis so it’s completely normal for clients to feel uneasy about the whole process. I don’t want you to worry. I come with enough experience to already envision the whole session before we even begin; posing, lighting, angles..etc. Not to mention because of the relaxed nature of a Lifestyle session for a majority of the photos, they are photographed in a more documentary style approach so you don’t have to worry about too many straight camera smiling photos.


After booking has been confirmed, you’ll receive a Lifestyle session prep guide that’ll discusses in detail, every aspect of the studio session and how you can prepare with regard to hair, makeup, clothing, tips to prepare your baby/other children..etc.


8) Can I Bring/Incorporate My Pet & Other Non Immediate Family Members To The Lifestyle Session?

As much as I wholeheartedly get the sweet idea of having your fur baby involved, pets are not allowed to be apart of any studio session. If you’re wanting your pet involved, I would recommend an outdoor session. Since this setup is very intimate and doesn’t leave room for large groups, sessions are for immediate family members only; mom, dad, children.


9) What Time Of Day Do You Schedule Lifestyle Sessions & Do You Offer Weekends Appointments?

Since Lifestyle sessions are indoor, we’re not limited to the weather. Because I also specialize in weddings full time, Lifestyle sessions are not scheduled on weekends. They must be booked during the week. Earliest start time, would be an 9am and latest would be 4:30pm.

10) What Safety Precautions Have You Incorporated Into Your Studio Business?

I’m vaccinated with the both COVID dosages and Tdap vaccine. I’m continuing to wear double face masks during all studio sessions and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Clients are required to wear a mask when entering my home but have the option of removing it when they arrive to the studio. Shoes must be taken off at the door.


I have begun the process of booking studio sessions full time, however on the contingency of, every other day. During that rest period, it will allow me to adequate time to thoroughly disinfect the entire studio; door handles, light switches, camera gear, floors, couches, seating chairs, walls, floor..etc and also run my air purifiers throughout the entire day to clean the air. Garments/props that are worn and not machine washable, are put on a 3 day rotation of no studio use after disinfection. Frequent hand washing breaks and the use of hand sanitizer is used throughout the whole session. For all the linens, I have 3 bedding sets in rotation. After your session is complete all linens are machine washed and not available for use for 3 days.


Please note, there is absolutely nothing more important to me than the health and safety of all my clients. Taking all the necessary steps to ensure the studio environment remains safe and clean for your studio session is my utmost priority so if there’s anything else I can do to help alleviate concerns, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


11) Who Chooses The Final Digital Image Count?


Within a week of your session, I will send you a gallery link for soft proofing. Meaning, once your images have been narrow down to the deliverable files, I’ll email you the gallery link of unedited files and from there, you get to pick and choose the ones images you would like edited/delivered. The median range for this gallery is 45-50 files.


12) What If We Run Out Of The Said Amount Of Time For My Collection?


No worries, this tends to happen quite often but I don’t want you to worry. Depending how everything is progressing, it might run a little longer or shorter so please don’t feel as though you have to rush through it all. I understand not all families are the same, especially when working with little ones. Although the time listed in your collection is a generalized time of how long the sessions typically take, my session won’t be complete until I have the said amount of digitals, I am to produce.


• $35 retainer fee due upon booking

Lily Hayes has always kept her newborn, maternity and cake smash photography collections simple, transparent and all inclusive. Our booking process is seamless and hassle free with only amount due upfront is a $35 retainer fee. You select the collection that include the said number of files and you pay the listed price. The collection price includes photographers time, creative talent, session design, editing of your images. As well, as the rendering of high resolution digital gallery. Gallery is available for digital download. The photos are yours to share, print, treasure and adore for years to come.

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