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The first year of a child's life is filled with so many important milestones, and what better way to celebrate than with a cake smash session that includes family photos? Watching your little one dig into a big, beautiful cake is a moment you won't want to miss. It's a chance to capture their innocence and joy as they explore new textures and flavors. Not only do you get the hilarity of a cake-covered baby, but you also get to capture gorgeous family photos all in one session.

  • 1 - 1.5 hour studio session
  • family & sibling photos included
  • 1st year photos, cake smash setup and milk bath included
  • digital download of 30-35 high resolution files


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A cake smash session marks a truly special milestone for parents. Let's face it, the 1-year mark can be a whirlwind of chaos and emotions. That's where a mini cake smash photo shoot comes in – a wonderful way to seize those priceless moments with your little one. It's convenient, effortless, and ensures you have stunning photos without burdening your jam-packed schedule as new parents.

  • 30-45 minute studio session
  • includes regular 1st year photos & cake smash set up, only
  • digital download of 15-20 high resolution files
smash cake photoshoot



1) Where Do Cake Smash Sessions Take Place & What All Do You Provide In Your Collection?


Cake smash photography sessions take place in my home studio at 4014 Dalton Dr. Rowlett. The studio is a custom design private space away from the rest of my home which holds everything needed for your custom Dallas cake smash photography experience. Setup and props are already included in the cake smash photography collection price.


Due to health, allergies and diet concerns, parents are responsible for the cake itself and your baby’s cake smash outfit. I recommend something simple and inexpensive from Whole Food, Tom Thumb, Albertsons, Target..etc for your baby's cake smash photoshoot. Outfits, I would recommend Amazon or Etsy.


If your chosen collection includes, regular first year and family photos, I will begin your cake smash photography session with the family photos first. They’re photographed in a traditional style stance and on an all white foreground. Creative grouping are with family together, mom and baby and dad and baby and lastly, your baby alone, before the cake smash setup. Following the family photos, we will then transition into their regular first year photos, followed by the cake smash session and lastly, the milk bath photos. The milk bath portion is photographed on the same cake smash photography, themed setup.


Once booking has been confirm, with both the contract and retainer received and in addition to this helpful cake smash photography faq's guide, you'll receive an informative "cake smash session parent prep guide". The guide goes into detail, regarding outfit recommendations for the family photos portion and the best outfit choices for your baby and where to purchase their outfit, cake style and size recommendations, how the family photo groupings are disperse, how to help prepare your little one for their smash cake photoshoot at home, items to bring to your cake smash session and an abundant of other helpful information on what to expect.


2) Can I Add The Milk Bath Set Up To The Mini Cake Smash?


Yes, certainly! The milk bath portion is priced at $125.00 and will add an additional 8-10 digital files.


3) Who Picks Out The Cake Smash Photography Theme?


If you have a particular cake smash photography theme in mind, please let me know and I'll send you available options for said theme. If you need a bit of assistance, I'm happy to send possible options, as well.


***Please note, the price point is for a basic/minimal cake smash set up; backdrop/balloons. If you clients decide not to use what the studio has available, clients will be responsible for providing their own props in addition to the basic cake smash set up decor, the studio will provide.


4) Can I Bring/Incorporate My Pet & Other Non Immediate Family Members To The Cake Smash Session?


As much as I understand and love the sweet idea of having your fur baby involved, pets are not allowed to be apart of any studio photography session. If you’re wanting your pet involved, I would recommend an outdoor cake smash photography session. Family photos are for immediate family members only; parents and siblings. If you wish to incorporate other individuals, you're welcome to do so at an additional charge.


5) What Time Of Day Do You Schedule Cake Smash Sessions & Do You Offer Weekends Appointments?


Since cake smash photography sessions are indoor, we’re not limited on the weather and because I also specialize in weddings full time, cake smash sessions are not scheduled on weekends. They must be booked during the week, Monday - Friday. Earliest start time, would be an 9am and latest would be 5:30-6pm.


6) What Safety Precautions Have You Incorporated Into Your Studio Business?


I’m vaccinated with the both COVID dosages and Tdap vaccine. I continue to wear a face mask during all studio sessions and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Clients are required to wear a mask when entering my home but have the option of removing it when they arrive to the studio. Shoes must be taken off at the door.


I have begun the process of booking studio sessions full time, however on the contingency of, every other day. During that rest period, it will allow me to adequate time to thoroughly disinfect the entire studio; door handles, light switches, camera gear, floors, couches, seating chairs, walls, floor..etc and also run my air purifiers throughout the entire day to clean the air. Garments/props that are worn and not machine washable, are put on a 3 day rotation of no studio use after disinfection. Frequent hand washing breaks and the use of hand sanitizer is used throughout the whole session.


Please note, there is absolutely nothing more important to me than the health and safety of all my clients. Taking all the necessary steps to ensure the studio environment remains safe and clean for your studio session is my utmost priority so if there’s anything else I can do to help alleviate concerns, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


7) Who Chooses The Final Digital Image Count?


Within a week of your cake smash photoshoot, I will email you the gallery link of the unedited files for soft proofing. Meaning, once the images have been narrow down to the deliverable files, clients get to pick and choose the digital photography files they would like, edited and delivered.


The median range for this gallery is anywhere between 40-60 files. All relatively similar, just different expressions.


8) What If We Run Out Of The Said Amount Of Time For My Collection?


No worries, this tends to happen quite often but I don’t want you to worry. Depending how everything is progressing, it might run a little longer or shorter so please don’t feel as though you have to rush through it all. I understand not all families are the same, especially when working with babies. Although the time listed in your collection is a generalized time of how long the sessions typically take, cake smash photography session aren't complete until I have captured a reasonable amount of photos. I am to edit and deliver.


9) What Is The Turnaround On The Files?


Turnaround on your cake smash digital files is 21 days from your session date. Once your cake smash photos you've selected have been post processed, files will be added to another online viewing gallery. I will text you once the gallery has been emailed. From the gallery, you’ll have a "download all" button displayed to download all your high resolution non-watermarked images to your computers. You will also receive a PDF of your print release/usage rights.


You’re more than welcome to share the gallery with family and friends. Online gallery also has the option to also purchase prints directly from the printing lab. Prints start at $15.00 and orders are shipped directly to the lab and arrive within 2 weeks of order date.


If you're needing a few files before the 21 day turnaround, when the gallery link of unedited files is emailed, feel free to let me know which 3-5 files you'd like before the 21 day time frame. I will have those to you with 48-72 hours. The rest of the digital files will be ready for delivery within 3 weeks.




Cake smash photography is not only a fun and memorable baby photoshoot, but it also creates the perfect memories for you and your little one to treasure forever. While arranging a cake smash photoshoot can seem overwhelming, taking into account our cake smash photography faq's guide, it will help you go through it, with ease. By understanding these cake smash photography faq's beforehand, you'll be able to better prepare for your baby's cake smash photoshoot and create the most adorable pictures of your toddler's first birthday.


If you have any additional questions not listed on our Dallas cake smash photography faq's guide, please submit and inquire, here.

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