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Full Newborn Collection | Lily Hayes Photography

Full Newborn Collection

Full Newborn Collection In Dallas

Newborn Photography Full Newborn Collection

Full Newborn Collection

Full Newborn Collection

Full Newborn Photography Collection

Full Newborn Collection; Every single moment with your little one is precious, and you want to capture every angle, every milestone, and every emotion, including those that come with bringing a new life into this world. That’s why newborn photography is becoming increasingly popular. However, while many newborn photographers offer an extensive collection of digital files, the truth is that your family only needs a small selection of beautifully crafted and timeless photos.

In this  post, I will show you why a full newborn collection that only includes 25-30 digital files with family photos included may be the perfect option for you.

Full Newborn Collection – Quality over Quantity

The number of pictures you get doesn’t always equate to quality. Professional newborn photographers offering full collections could capture hundreds of images, but only a few might be extraordinary. Restricting the number of files you receive means the newborn photographer will select the best images that are meticulously edited, ensuring that you, as parents, get the best representation of yourselves and your newborn. Less is more.

Perfectly Curated Keepsakes

Having a curated set of images ensures that you won’t be overwhelmed by the number of photos. Instead, you’ll have a cohesive selection of high-quality images that can be printed, framed, or shared showcasing the essence of your newborn’s first weeks of life. You’ll have a tangible collection of keepsakes that will always remind you of their first few moments.

Including Family In The Session

Newborn photography is a beautiful opportunity to capture not only the innocence and charm of your little one but also the profound journey of your entire family. By including family photos in your newborn photography session, you create an enduring collection of precious memories that will be cherished and remembered for a lifetime. These photographs not only focus on the adorable baby but also encapsulate the love, warmth, and togetherness that defines your family, transforming the set into a truly comprehensive portrayal of your unique bond.


Investing in newborn photography in Dallas can be an intimidating decision due to its potential cost. However, it’s important to consider the long-term value and benefits it brings. By opting for a full collection 25-30 digital files, including heartwarming family photos, you not only ensure that you receive the highest quality images capturing precious moments but also avoid paying for unnecessary extras. Plus, with a smaller collection, you have the flexibility to invest in beautiful physical prints, stunning canvases, or cherished photo albums at a more affordable rate.

The Photographer’s Expertise

For a smaller, carefully curated collection of newborn photographs, you’re not only supporting the photographer’s artistic vision, but also granting them the freedom to exercise greater precision and control over their craft. This means that they can meticulously edit each selected newborn photograph to perfection, ensuring that every image showcases their unique perspective, exceptional skills, and attention to detail. With a limited selection, you can rest assured that you will receive nothing but the absolute best photographs, allowing you to truly savor and appreciate the artist’s expertise, talent, and the intricacies captured within each frame.


In conclusion, choosing quality over quantity with a full newborn collection of 25-30 digital files, including family photos, ensures that every picture is hand-picked, artistically edited, and perfectly captures the essence of your newborn and family. I understand the importance of capturing lifelong memories that will be treasured forever, and this type of collection is one of the best options.

Ultimately, it means that you will have a curated and high-quality collection of memories with your little one without any add-ons. So, if you are looking to get a newborn photography in Dallas, consider the quality and not quantity. Your family deserves the best.

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