The Dos and Don’ts of Cake Smash Photo Session

Cake Smash Photo Session; Dallas cake smash photography has gained tremendous popularity in Dallas in recent years. As parents seek innovative and enjoyable ways to commemorate their baby’s first birthday, this adorable trend has truly taken off. The excitement and joy of capturing the picture-perfect cake smash photo shoot moment, where the little one indulges in a sweet, messy delight, can be quite the cherished memory.

However, without the expertise and experience of a skilled Dallas cake smash photographer, ensuring that every precious smile, every sprinkle-covered face, and every sticky-fingered giggle is beautifully captured can be a challenge. With a seasoned professional Dallas cake smash photographer, parents can relax and enjoy the celebration, knowing that these precious milestone moments will be preserved for a lifetime.

Here are some tips to help you to get the best results and create unforgettable memories.

Cake Smash Photo Session – Do Choose the Right Time and Place 

When planning a cake smash photo shoot, choosing the right time and place is important. Ensure your baby is well-rested and fed so they’re in a good mood for the shoot. Pick a location with good natural light and enough space for your baby to move around freely. Purchase a plain white or colorful backdrop to make the photos pop. Cake Smash Photo Session

Cake Smash Photo Session – Don’t Overwhelm Your Baby with Props and Decorations 

It’s tempting to go all out with props and decorations with booking a cake smash photography session in Dallas, it’s important not to overwhelm your baby. Stick to a simple setup with a cake, a few balloons, and maybe a banner or two. Don’t too many colors or patterns that can distract from the main focus of the shoot – your baby and their cake.

Cake Smash Photo Session – Do Use a Smash Cake 

A cake smash photo shoot cake, also known as a “smash cake,” is a specially designed small cake exclusively for cake smash photography sessions. Typically, a smash cake features a single layer with simple frosting and decorations, often in vibrant colors to captivate your baby’s attention. This delightful confection serves as the centerpiece, enticing your little one to embrace the messy and joyous experience of smashing and destroying the cake. By providing a separate smash cake, you ensure that your baby can relish in the messy fun, while preserving the birthday cake intended for the enjoyment of the entire family.

Don’t: Forget the Cleanup:

During your baby’s cake smash photo shoot, it’s important to be prepared for the mess. Before the fun begins, make sure to cover the floor and any nearby furniture with plastic or a drop cloth to safeguard them from cake crumbs and frosting splatters. Additionally, have an ample supply of wet wipes and towels readily available. This way, you can easily clean up your little one and yourself after the shoot. Don’t forget to keep a change of clothes handy in case things get really messy!

Do: Capture the Moment:

Cake Smash Photo Session

Cake smash photography in Dallas is all about capturing the moment, so be ready to snap away. Always utilize a fast shutter speed and continuous shooting mode and capture multiple shots in a row. Get down to your baby’s level. Work though different angles and perspectives to add variety to your photos.

Don’t: Force Your Baby to Smash the Cake:

While a cake smash photography session with beautifully captured photos of your baby, is the goal of the shoot, not all babies will be willing happy participants. Don’t force your baby to smash the cake if they’re uncomfortable. Instead, let them explore the cake and have fun in their own way. You can still capture great photos of your baby enjoying their cake without the smashing.


Cake smash photo session in Dallas can be a fun and memorable way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. By following these pro tips and steps from our Cake Smash Photography Prep Guide, you can photograph the perfect moment and create lasting memories.

Get ready for some messy fun with Dallas Cake Smash Photographer, Lily Hayes.

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